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A strong business proposal is a top opportunity to win new business. SCIRE has decennia of proven experience in helping clients tap into the myriad of funding opportunities throughout Europe. It offers top level professional proposal development and writing support in order to provide of services tailored to a client. SCIRE is able to support its clients in finding strategic partners for the project.

  • Funding application writing and submission: We can write your funding application and help you manage the entire administration of your project. SCIRE is able to support you throughout the project cycle.
  • Compliance: our compliance services support you at all stages of reporting.

R & D

SCIRE has built on its experience by developing advanced knowledge and offering highly specialized consultancy and a range of innovative solutions in various fields.

  • Impact-Driven: SCIRE is impact-driven and from its wide multi-technological knowledge base, SCIRE can combine different technologies, produce information, upgrade technology knowledge, and create business intelligence and value added for its stakeholders;
  • R&D Projects: SCIRE has gained vast experience from participation in numerous European R&D Framework Programme projects and within various thematic programmes.

Impact and Dissemination

SCIRE creates and implements innovative communication and exploitation strategies for a large variety scientific and technological domains. SCIRE offers its customers explorative economic assessments of their innovative projects, to gain an early understanding of their potential economic impact.

  • Innovation Exploitation: SCIRE indentifies the exploitable results and analyzing the market, the business models and guiding its customers in the preparation of their business plans.
  • Project Management and Communication: To make a innovation project a success, effective tools for collaborative research, communication strategy and project management are essential.