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The main competencies developed in this field are:

  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis: techniques applied in particular in the "Automotive" sector to solve and analyze fluid dynamics issues (aerodynamic forces, engines, pumps, chemical plants, environmental comfort, etc.).
  • Sustainable mobility: SCIRE provides a range of environmentally friendly solutions, not only in the automotive sector, but also across the transport (rail, road, sea and air) and logistics sectors, in order to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions. In particular, SCIRE has acquired considerable experience in the development of innovative high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles, which are eco-compatible and have a low environmental impact. Focus on the development of Powertrain.

Transport - Main Projects and Activities

European Project - Design and assessment of the performance of the cooling system of an innovative electric vehicle's integrated system (power train and battery cooling) trught CFD thermal simulation and validation.

Hi Quad

Development of an innovative full electric or hybrid quadricycle (electric motor with range extender), environmentally friendly and high-performance for urban mobility solution.

Ferrari S.p.a.


GT-class automobile solutions:
  • Motor and gearbox thermal management systems and radiators design and optimization.
  • Air conditioning solutions.
  • Aerodynamic performance-improvement solutions (numerical studies).
  • Braking system cooling optimization.
Hi-Performance Engine innovative cooling