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The SCIRE Consortium was founded in 2001 by the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and the “Elasis” research center (FIAT group). Since 2010 members of the Consortium are “Tor Vergata” University of Rome, "Parthenope” University of Naples, and two Small Medium Enterprises in equal shares.

It is a non-profit organization: any profits are reinvested in further research or in the dissemination of scientific/industrial results.

SCIRE collaborates with research centers and several companies, encouraging cooperation and technology transfer.

Our Team

Gino Bella

Gino is a full professor in Mechanical Engineering at Rome “Tor Vergata University” with more than 120 national and international publications, winner of three scientific international awards, and Editor and Referee of several international journals.

He is one of the most recognized experts in CFD applied to various fields. In 2001 he founded SCIRE Consortium in which are concentrated several expertise coming from academics.

Paola Pasqualino

Paola holds a Ph.D in Management Engineering at the “Tor Vergata University” in Rome.

She has more than ten years experience in the writing, development and management of complex innovative projects, achieving a high success rate over the years.

She is currently responsible for the overall Programme management and Development activities.

Vittorio Villani

Vittorio is a Mechanical Engineer. 

His work is focused on the development and  validation of numerical models trough experimental simulations. He developed solutions for both thermal and electrical energy storage.

He is involved in SCIRE's technical activities.