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The main competencies developed in this field are:

  • Energy Efficiency: contributing to the reduction of the demand for energy, and to the de-carbonisation of the economy, as well as to a greater commitment to research, innovation and competitiveness in the sector. Particular importance is given to the efficiency of the entire energy system, including the energy storage phase, production techniques, the method of management of the consumption chain and the use of resources as well as in materials and devices (Smart Grid).
  • Energy Building: New construction technologies, materials and components for energy saving and production, thermal energy storage systems, advanced insulation systems, thermal distribution systems, energy generation systems based on renewable sources. Focus on Advanced Material of Metal Foams.

Energy - Main Projects

European Project - Design, numerical optimization and realization of a highly efficient heat exchanger working in natural convection, using metal foams.

The idea behind ATRE is to realize an innovative domestic solar system in order to satisfy hot water and heating needs of a family. In order to accomplish this task, innovative components were built and tested.

SCIRE designed an eco-sustainable Residential TES (Thermal Storage System) with an innovative apparatus for storing thermal energy based paraffin waxes used as PCM (Phase Change Materials). The high conductive metal matrix is used to enhance the performance of the system.

More details are available in italian language on the official site of the project or the italian page on this site.